Artificial Grass Systems

Works in any climate. No mowing, watering or fertilizing.



Never mow your lawn again

Many of us have a love-hate relationship with our lawns. Although we enjoy the cool carpet of green grass to lie on and play on in summer, no one wants to spend hours every weekend mowing and trimming—not to mention battling weeds, insects, mold and mildew, aerating, watering and seeding.

But there is a simple way to keep your yard green and save money – that’s by installing a yard with beautiful, long-lasting artificial turf. It combines the appearance and comfort of natural grass with the added benefit of a low maintenance solution. No need to mow or water your lawn ever again!

Synthetic turf eliminates all the work and expense associated with maintenance. No more hazardous chemicals to endanger the family and pets. No more air pollution from mowers and other equipment. Thanks to artificial grass, people are not only saving money and time; they are helping save the environment.


Help Conserve Water

At TrueNorth Synthetic Turf, we want to help conserving water. You can save thousands of gallons of water a year and minimize your monthly water bills.

Enjoy the Effortless Lawn

Did you know that Americans collectively spent more than 2.3 billion minutes on lawn care and gardening? Save your time and enjoy effortless lawn you deserve.

Save Money

While the natural lawn is a continuous expense, artificial grass will stay green & lush for the next 25 years with no need for lawn care or water waste.

Help Environment

Synthetic turf by TrueNorth meets Prop 65 regulations, eco-friendly, safe for children and pets. It eliminates the need for chemicals, and prevents harmful water run-off.


We are continuously building on our excellent reputation

Synthetic Turf Cooling

Amazing T°Cool™ infill technology

T°Cool™ is a patented technology that has been developed through years of research in both a laboratory and real-world setting. T°Cool™ is a precoat applied to the sand infill. It is activated by adding moisture and can provide significant cooling for days, depending upon local conditions.

As the synthetic lawn surface is heated by the sun, moisture stored in T°Cool™ is released slowly through evaporative cooling. Evaporative cooling is the same means of thermoregulation that a body uses to cool itself through sweating. The evaporating moisture removes heat, leaving a cooler, more comfortable surface for families and pets.

The ambient temperature does not necessarily dictate surface temperature. The solar radiation period, the sun’s angle, cloud cover, wind, and other elements all contribute to the heat of the surface.

T°Cool™ provides maximum benefit when the sun is directly overhead, as shown in the solar radiation calendar. During the summer months, the sun is positioned overhead, causing surfaces to absorb more energy, resulting in hotter temperatures. T°Cool™ works best during the hottest part of a clear day when relief is needed.